eBay listing categories

Configuring eBay Listing Categories Xpress Lister by default will automatically categorise your listings for you by leaving the listing category column set to ‘automatic’.  This can save hours if not days of setup time.  If you aren’t happy with a category after auto-cat has finished you can manually select an appropriate category (in bulk or individually […]

Setting eBay inventory

The quantity of items available on eBay is controlled by a combination of settings in XpressGrid.  XpressGrid Quantity Column By default the quantity available will be “Stock Level”, which is the quantity available for sale on the website. Collapsed When Quantity column in XpressGrid is collapsed (the default) it shows the listed quantity. Expanded Expanding the […]

Do I need an eBay store subscription?

Listing items on eBay using XpressLister has the same requirements as listing products manually directly on eBay except that it’s much faster to list items and keep them updated. eBay Account Requirements To list on eBay you just need an eBay account in good standing with Seller account enabled. Reasons to consider a store Although a […]

Does Xpress Lister display eBay fees?

No, Xpress Lister doesn’t display eBay fees. We did investigate and test the possibility of using fee information we are able to retrieve from eBay. Unfortunately eBay only returns generic information despite the fact the request is made in the context of the eBay user. It doesn’t take into account discounts as a result of store subscription. Instead […]

Creating multi-variant listings

It is generally easier to import multi-variant listings but if you only have a few multi-variants and have already imported products as none multi-variants you can convert products into multi-variant products inside Xpress Lister. 1) Click Add in the header row 2) Click Create Multi-variant Listing 3) Populate the Create Product (Multi-variant Listing Creation Tool) […]

Multiple eBay marketplaces

Listing on Multiple eBay Marketplaces Xpress Lister supports listing on one eBay marketplace per Xpress Lister account.  It is possible to list on multiple eBay marketplaces by creating multiple Xpress Lister accounts and choosing a different marketplace to list on via the steps above. Prices are imported as the natural price in that marketplace’s currency […]

Vehicle compatibility

  eBay Vehicle Compatibility Xpress Lister uses K-Types or ePIDs to associated imported products with the applicable vehicle compatibility. There is no vehicle compatibility user interface for merchants to associate compatibility manually. Note eBay only offers the use of K-Types for UK, Germany and Australia. eBay offers the use of ePIDs for eBay.com.  For other […]