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Setting eBay inventory

Setting eBay inventory

The quantity of items available on eBay is controlled by a combination of settings in XpressGrid. 

XpressGrid Quantity Column

By default the quantity available will be “Stock Level”, which is the quantity available for sale on the website.


When Quantity column in XpressGrid is collapsed (the default) it shows the listed quantity.


Expanding the Quantity Column shows the available options.


Stock Level

When Stock Level is selected, the Result column will show the value in the Stock Level column. This is the default. Updating the Input field in this mode has no effect.

Fixed Quantity

Wen Fixed Quantity is selected, the value entered in the Input field is made available for sale on eBay. This setting ignores the stock on hand, so it should only be used if you are always able to secure stock to fulfil if you run out of stock.

Quantity Buffer

The Quantity Buffer makes it possible to list just some of your stock on eBay. It will reduce the web quantity by the amount entered in the Input field. For example, if you have 25 in stock, select Quantity Buffer and enter 15 into Input, the Result is 10.