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Vehicle compatibility

Vehicle compatibility


eBay Vehicle Compatibility

Xpress Lister uses K-Types or ePIDs to associated imported products with the applicable vehicle compatibility. There is no vehicle compatibility user interface for merchants to associate compatibility manually.

Note eBay only offers the use of K-Types for UK, Germany and Australia.

eBay offers the use of ePIDs for eBay.com.  For other marketplaces there is no code based vehicle compatibility.

If you have access to K-Type data you can enter the K-Type(s) in the relevant field (accessible from the column chooser next to the white eBay button) and the vehicle compatibility will be created.

Codisto does not support assigning vehicle compatibility inside the Codisto grid (i.e. without K-Type data).  For more on K-Type data see http://pages.ebay.com.au/help/sell/contextual/master-vehicle-list-manually.html